Friday, April 10, 2009

The Man Who Gave Us The Beatles

If it weren't for Brian Epstein there likely would not have been The Beatles and therefore the music we have today. So who was Brian Epstein? Brian was the original manager of The Beatles. Brian originally met The Beatles on November 9, 1961. They performed a show at The Cavern Club, The Beatles usual place to play at this time. This meeting would forever change the world. Brian Epstein said that he was instantly attracted to their music and charm, before and after meeting them. He was quick to offer them a 5-year managerial contract. And they were quick to sign.

In the beginning, before fame, Epstein had a great influence on the band. They were accustomed to very casual shows, often wearing jeans and leather jackets and performing whatever and whenever they felt like. Mr. Epstein would soon make sure that they would wear suits and ties and organize their shows. Epstein would spend time from here trying to find them a record deal. And that he did. Epstein met George Martin and The Beatles ended up signing with Parlophone. If it weren't for Epstein they would not have been signed. And their signing is what caused their ultimate fame.

Paul McCartney called Epstein the "Fifth Beatle". John Lennon said that his death (which was August of 1967) was what ultimately brought about the collapse of The Beatles.